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Our Chapter

The name was chosen in honor of John C. Washbush, killed in action on July 28, 1918 and Albert Welling, killed in action on October 16, 1918.  The Welling-Washbush Chapter #11, DAV was organized at a meeting held at the Armory E in September, 1936.  At that time, The National Headquarters announced that Lawrence Wilson would act as Temporary Commander until October 1; when an election would be held.  On October 1, 1936, Lawrence Wilson was elected as Commander of the newly re-organized chapter of Welling-Washbush #11 and the charter was dated October 30, 1936.  The first meeting was held in the American Legion Dugout on Brooke Street

 in Fond du Lac.

In July 1937, Fond du Lac was elected to host the 10th State Convention to be held July 1, 2, 3, 1938.  On April 11, 1938, a charter was issued to the newly formed Auxiliary with 18 members on the charter.

Our Mission 

Since its founding more than 80 years ago, the Disabled American Veterans has been dedicated to a single purpose: building better lives for America's disabled veterans and their families. Fidelity to that mission has required DAV to respond creatively and flexibly to changing and sometimes unpredictable problems faced by its constituency. Whether disabled veterans have needed a voice on Capitol Hill, a nationwide service program, a transportation network or unique rehabilitation opportunities, DAV has focused its attention and resources to meet those needs.

Services to Veterans and Their Families

* Founded in 1920, the DAV is totally funded by dues and contributions, receiving no federal funding.

With National Headquarters offices in Cincinnati and Washington D.C. and Wisconsin's Headquarters offices in Green Bay, the DAV focuses strictly on serving veterans and their families. A nonpolitical organization it has no political action committees (PACS) and endorses no political candidates.

To help you and your family get all the benefits you earned, the DAV maintains a corps of approximately 270 National Service Officers (NSOs) in 72 offices across the United States and in Puerto Rico.

There's never any charge for the assistance these veterans benefits experts provide to you and your family.

DAV Service Officers are all service-connected disabled veterans themselves, so they understand where you are coming from. They all are accredited through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

DAV Service Officers offer counseling on VA compensation, health care, pension, employment rights, education and more.

They help folks like you assemble evidence to support benefit claims, building their cases and preparing claim forms and briefs.

The DAV extends disaster relief to disabled veterans affected by natural calamities like earthquakes or floods.

The DAV National Magazine and Wisconsin's DAV News, chapter meetings, and other functions keep members up-to-date on issues affecting their rights.

The Department's Transportation Network transports sick and disabled veterans to VA medical facilities for treatment in Wisconsin.

DAV Volunteers in Wisconsin donate hours to veterans at all VA hospitals and many non-VA facilities throughout the state.

Through a variety of local programs the DAV reaches into their communities, seeking new ways to help disabled veterans and their families.

Who is Eligible to Join the DAV?

Any man or woman, who was wounded, gassed, injured or disabled in the line of duty during time of war, while in the service of either the military or naval forces of the United States of America, and who has not been dishonorably discharged or separated from such service, or who may still be in active service in the armed forces of the United States of America is eligible for membership in the Disabled American Veterans. Others who are disabled while serving with any of the armed forces of any nations associated with the United States of America as allies during any of its war periods, who are American citizens and who are honorably discharged, are also eligible.

How Does Your DAV Membership Benefit You?

As a DAV Member, in addition to DAV programs and services, members are entitled to a Member Benefits Package, which gives you access to a variety of important programs, products, and services. Also included with your membership is a FREE subscription to DAV Magazine.

What is the DAV's Dues Structure?

Life membership is permanent. Life membership dues are as follows and may be paid in interest-free installments following a minimum $40.00 down payment.

Age and Amount
80 or older FREE
71 - 79 $140.00
61 - 70 $180.00
41 - 60 $230.00
40 or younger $250.00

To join the DAV, click on the National Link from the homepage and look for application to join!

Help the DAV in its effort to help you. Sign up for membership today! To sign up for membership

Click on the National Link on the homepage and look for application.

Help the DAV in its effort to help you. Sign up for membership today! To sign up for membership

Click on the National Link on the homepage and look for application.

Help the DAV in its effort to help you. Sign up for membership today! To sign up for membership

Click on the National Link on the homepage and look for application.

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