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Welling – Washbush Chapter #11, Fond du Lac                                              

September 5, 2017


     The Sept. 5th meeting of Chapter #11 Fond du Lac DAV was called to order by Commander Gerald Krebsbach at 6:07 p.m.  The before the meal prayer was lead by Chaplain Gary Davidson.  The Chapter supplied the food and the Auxiliary provided desserts. Commander Krebsbach opened the business meeting at 7:51 pm.  A special salute to honor the POW & MIA.   The Chaplain placed the empty chair banner on the chair.  The Commander had the opening ceremony and the opening prayer was said by Chaplain Davidson. Special guest State Jr. Vice Cmdr. Michael Hert and 3rd District Cmdr. George Gilles were present.

     Roll call of Officers- All Officers were present; except Bruce Donovan, Sgt. at Arms, he was excused.

      Minutes of the Aug 1st meeting were distributed to the members.  Being no additions or correction, the minutes were approved as presented.    

     Treasurer’s Report $4,228.28 from the July 28 & 29th Forget Me Not drive.  Motion by Glenn Sanville and 2nd by Jim Genz to pay for the last 2 Chapter lunches of $58.81 and $89.34.  Motion carried.   

   Sick call – Ken Schaefer will be visited by Chapter members  

    Unfinished Business – none

     New Business – DAV Fall Conference Oct. 12 – 14 at Stevens Point at Holiday Inn.  At this time Paul Birschbach is the only delegate going so far.  The Chapter needs a Flag pole to display the POW – MIA Flag.  Jerry Eaton motion to buy the pole for about $75.00 and 2nd by Albert Green.  Motion carried.  Jerry Eaton will order the pole.  Hurricane relief was discussed.  Will find out where to send the donations and who to send it to.  We will again have our plants to Vets in Fond du Lac to the Nursing Homes.  Jerry Eaton motion to have a $2,500.00 budget for this project, 2nd by Gary Davidson.   Motion carried.

       Dept. Jr. Vice Hert spoke that he is there to help all the Chapters.  Get on Al Labelle legislative web site to get our voice out to all the legislator that affects our DAV programs.  Record your hours of volunteering to the Dept. DAV.  The Chapter has all the shirts for the members on the Parade squad.

  Commander Krebsbach had all members stand for moment of silence for a salute to all our deceased members.

    Being no further business Glenn Sanville motion to adjourn at 7:25 pm, 2nd by Jim Genz.  Motion carried.  The Chaplain removed the empty chair POW & MIA banner with a salute by all.  Commander Krebsbach had the closing ceremony and the closing prayer by the Chaplin Davidson.  

       Next Chapter meeting, Oct. 3rd.    We have 3,490 Forget-Me-Not’s on hand.

       Attendance prize drawing – Joel Walker not in attendance, $50.00 for next meeting.


 Submitted by,   Paul A. Birschbach, Adjutant                                  

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