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Welling – Washbush Chapter #11, Fond du Lac                                               

April 3, 2018

   The April 3rd meeting of Chapter #11 Fond du Lac DAV was called to order by Commander Gerald Krebsbach at 6:00 p.m.  Prayer before the lunch was offer by Auxiliary Chaplin Ella LaCrosse. Lunch was served.  

     At 6:30 pm. Commander Krebsbach opened the business meeting with a salute to the Flag.  Chaplin Gary Davidson lead the opening prayer, and a salute to the POW - MIA banner.  

     Roll call of Officers - All Officers were present, with 2 excused; Trustee Sarah Lloren and Bruce Donovan Sgt. At Arms. 

     No new members in attendance.  Larry Wodack current member could not attend and a prospective member John Schiller will be contacted.

    The minutes of the Feb. 6th were passed out to be approved.  There was no March meeting.  Glen Sanville motion to approve the minutes, 2nd by Jim Gents.  Motion carried.

    The Treasurer’s Report – Feb. lunch $66.34, balance as of April 3rd $7,996.86.  April lunch bill is $54.00. $1,000.00 was donation to Post #75 for the use of the hall.  $500.00 to Salute the Troops in Lomira for needy Veterans.  Motion by Jim Gents to approve the Treasurer’s report. 2nd by Richard Barton.  Motion carried. 

      Unfinished Business – Jerry Eaton reported on the DAV office at the Legion Club.  A discussion on the use of the office and an agreement with the Legion & DAV of what needs to be forthcoming.  The office will be clean and painted in the future and account of what is our DAV property.  Memorial Day parade will be May 28th at 10:00 am, start at south Main Street to Veterans Park, Fond du Lac, WI.  DAV is in charge of the Parade.  City permit and sound system will be paid by the chapter.  Jerry Eaton will be Master of Ceremonies.  4 members will carry the colors in the parade and have 2 DAV vehicles. Parade Marshals are Gerald Krebsbach and Albert Green.  Unanimous Vote.

       New Business – Nomination of Chapter Officers. Glen Sanville Jr. Vice held the call of New Officers; Commander: 3 nominated; Gerald Krebsbach, Jim Gents and Steve Mielke.  Sr. Vice – 2 nominated: Steve Mielke and Jim Gents.  Jr. Vice -1 nominated, Jerry Eaton.  Treasurer – 1 nominated - Richard Schultz.  The election will be at the May 1st meeting.  The elected Officers are open for nominations for any office up to the election at the May 1st meeting.  The Commander will appoint the rest of the Officers.  Those willing to serve next year’s term of 2018-2019; Judge Advocate; Jerry Eaton, Chaplin; Gary Davidson, Adjutant; Paul Birschbach.  Trustees Glen Sanville, Sarah Lloren, Richard Schultz and Steve Mielke if not elected the Commander.  Sgt at Arms - ? Bruce Donovan who was not in attendance.  Jim Gent will represent the Chapter at the 3rd District meeting April 7th.  Brat Fry put on hold till next meeting.  Fond du Lac Ave. will be tore up this summer.  Being no further business.  A moment of silence for our departed members.  A moton to adjourn by Glen Sanville, 2nd by Al Green.  Motion carried.  Closing prayer given by Chaplin Davidson. Meeting adjourned at 7:35p.m.  Glen Sanville won attendance prize.  

                                                                                                       Submitted by,   Paul A. Birschbach, Adjutant   

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