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Welling – Washbush Chapter #11, Fond du Lac                                              

November 7, 2017


     The Nov. 7th meeting of Chapter #11 Fond du Lac DAV was called to order by Commander Gerald Krebsbach at 6:05 p.m.  The Auxiliary Chaplin Ella LaCrosse opens with a prayer before our Veterans Day meal.  The DAVA #11 Unit provided a delicious meal for our Chapter members.  Thank you again for serving our County.

    The business meeting began at 6:57 pm. With a opening ceremonies.  The opening prayer head by Chaplin Gary Davidson with the draping of the MIA-POW chair.  A special salute to all the Veterans who are not accounted for. 

     Roll call of Officers- All Officers were present.

      The Oct. 3rd minutes were presented in written form.  No additions or corrections so the minutes were approved as presented.  The members can find the monthly minutes on the web page at:davwichapter11.yolsite.com

     Treasurer’s Report - $12,230.00 in the checkbook. Bills against the Chapter; $510.77 for uniforms, $296.36 to Paul Birschbach for attending the Dept. Fall Conference and printing 135 Veteran’s Day cards. Paying Woods Florist for the plants, for the Veterans in the 10 Fond du Lac Nursing Homes.  Bruce Donovan motion to pay the bills, 2nd by Jerry Eaton.  Motion carried.         

     Unfinished Business – Harley Davidson – will not have their Hogs, Hero, and Horsed this year.  The Chapter will help with their Christmas cards to the troops.   

     New Business – Ordered 135 plants for Veterans Day programs on Nov. 10th, 11th and 13th.A list for workers at the 10 Nursing Homes was passed around.  Thank You for the members and Auxiliary to help with this project.  Cards from the area schools were also given to the residents.  Their cards Thank them for their service. The committee for our Christmas Party on our next meeting, Dec. 5th at 6:00pm.  A meal with Ham & Salisbury Steak, and the committee to decide the rest.  40 meals so far.  Invite the District Commander and Rick Paton, etc.  Gift cards for the CVSO office; 10 - $25.00 gift cards and 10 - $25.00 gas card, was moved by Jerry Eaton,  and 2nd by Steve Mielke.  Motion carried.  Hoptel near the VA Milwaukee needs funds.  Sara Lloren motion to give 10 - $25.00 gift cards for  purchase of food for the families that stay overnight, 2nd by Gary Davidson.  Motion carried.  A&W will honors our Veterans on Veterans Day and may give a donation to our Chapter.  A salute for our departed members given by our Commander Kresbbach.   

        Being no further business, Jerry Eaton motion to adjourn, 2nd by Steve Mielke.  Motion carried.  The closing prayer and the retiring of the POW & MIA banner by the Chaplain Davidson.  Commander Krebsbach had the salute to the Colors and the closing ceremonies.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

       Richard Schultz won the attendance prize.


 Submitted by,   Paul A. Birschbach, Adjutant                                                                               

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