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Welling – Washbush Chapter #11, Fond du Lac                                              

Feb. 6, 2018

   The Feb. 6th meeting of Chapter #11 Fond du Lac was called to order by Sr. Vice Commander Steve Mielke at 6:00 p.m.  Prayer before the lunch was lead by Sr. Vice Mielke.  The Unit did not meet. The desserts were provided by Mrs. Steve Mielke and Mrs. Bruce Donovan.  Thank You!   

     The DAV business meeting began at 6:33 pm.  Sr. Vice Mielke opened the meeting with a salute to the Flag.  Chaplin Gary Davidson said the opening prayer.  A salute to the POW - MIA was held.  The chair banner was missing now is found, Commander Gerald Krebsbach had it in the Commander’s bag.  The banner was left at the last meeting.  Commander Krebsbach kept it safe.

     Roll call of Officers - All Officers were present, with 2 excused Commander Krebsbach with health issues, and Trustee Sarah Lloren.

    The minutes of the Nov. 7th was passed out at the Christmas Party in Dec.

    The Treasurer’s Report – Christmas Party cost $659.67 with 32 in attendance.  The checkbook has $8,088.20.  The Feb. 6th meeting lunch was $66.34 to be paid. 

     Sickness & Distress – Commander Krebsbach is having back problems.  Member Al Green wife Nancy has passed away in Jan..  Our Chapters sympay goes out to Al.  Jim Gents was hospitalized and is being treated and undergoing tests.

       Unfinished Business – 4 members helped Harley Davidson Hogs, Hero and Horses on Dec. 23 for wrapping presents.

       New Business – Post75 American Legion is requesting help on their Club House.  Our Chapter does not pay rent and uses the Club House for our DAV meetings about 10 times a year.  We have contributed to the Post in the past.  A motion from Glen Sanville to appropriate $500.00 to the Post 75 for use of the hall, 2nd by Jerry Eaton.  Motion carried.  Our Chapter has a office in the Club House and would like privacy in our office space.  Jerry Eaton motion to add another $500.00 and $250.00 to have the locks changed and put our DAV name on the door, 2nd by Richard Barton.  Motion carried.        Chapter 11 will be In charge of the Memorial Day Parade.  The Chapter is required to have the quest speaker, pay for the sound systems, insurance, parade Marshal and other things for the parade.  Planning meeting Feb. 27th at 4:00 p.m. CVSO office.  3rd District DAV meeting held at the Elks Lodge 687, Manitowoc on April 7, 2018.  Chapter need’s a report of our activities this past year.  Post 75 has a shed outside for brat fry.  The cost is $25.oo per day for use of the grill and building.  Next meeting – nomination of Officers and distribute our Forget-Me-Not funds. 

  7:15 p.m. salute to our departed members. Being no other business Sanville motion to adjourn, 2nd  Donovan. Motion carried.  Sr. Vice Mielke held the closing ceremony.  Closing prayer given by Chaplin Davidson.  Meeting adjourned at 7:16p.m.  Attendance prize of $25.00 won by Sr. Vice Mielke.  9 members attended this meeting.  Next meeting March 8, but because the 3 top Officer will not be at that meeting, we will have our next meeting on April 3, 2018.


Submitted by,   Paul A. Birschbach, Adjutant                                                                        

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